The Lee Spark NF Foundation

The mission of The Lee Spark Necrotising Fasciitis (NF) Foundation is to help those whose lives have been affected by necrotising fasciitis and other severe streptococcal infections and medical staff who are involved with investigating, diagnosing and treating NF.

Our aims are to:

  • support the families and of those affected,
  • educate the medical profession and the general public,
  • promote recognition of the early signs and symptoms of necrotising fasciitis and severe streptococcal infection,
  • highlight the causes, effects, treatment and management of this horrific disease and
  • promote research into prevention and treatment.

Our charity was established in January 2000 by Doreen Marsden following the loss of her son to this dreadful disease. Doreen realised the need to give support to those people forced to deal with NF both personally and professionally.

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Fundraising is a vital part towards the running of our charity and every penny raised is gratefully received.

The Lee Spark NF Foundation is the United Kingdom's only support group for people who have been affected by severe streptococcal infections or necrotising fasciitis has helped thousands of sufferers, relatives and medical staff from organisations around the world.

Educational Learning

To aid understanding of severe streptococcal infections, we have produced a video for educational purposes.

The video explains how severe streptococcal infections can develop into necrotising fasciitis. You can find out more on our educational learning page.

Research projects

Strep Gene

Researchers at Public Health England, the University of Oxford and Imperial College London invite you to take part in a research study investigating severe streptococcal infections and necrotising fasciitis in adults and children in the UK. There’s an opportunity to participate in a genetics research study and a survey to help us design future research projects.

To participate or find out more, visit our research page or


This EU project is the largest prospective study in the world. Its aims are to apply a systems medicine approach to elucidate the complex host and pathogen signatures that dictate severe bacterial tissue infections.

INFECT is based on a consortium consisting of 14 international partners, that has joined forces to employ a new strategy to advance our understanding of the pathogenesis of NSTIs; thereby improve identification and management of patients and promote novel developments in therapeutics and diagnostics of NSTIs.

To find out more, visit our research page or