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Chris Felton

chrisfeltonChris became an Ambassador and advocate of The Lee Spark NF Foundation as a result of his wife Becky contracting Necrotising Fasciitis in February 2013, his world had been turned upside down as he did not know what NF was, and his wife was in a serious critical condition with sepsis following NF. Chris spoke with his Councillor who passed our charity details to him.

He contacted us and spoke to Doreen, Founder of the charity who had lost her son Lee Spark 14 years ago. “Just speaking to Doreen was a huge help to me”.

When Chris’s wife started to recover and still in contact with The Lee Spark NF Foundation he looked in more detail into their work, he was amazed and wanted to help. Chris felt that he would be an excellent candidate for this role, he had experienced NF first hand, has excellent communication skills and extreme determination in wanting to ensure awareness and education of Necrotising Fasciitis will continue in order to save lives.

Chris distributes the charities literature, gives excellent presentations and has set his first challenge which is the National 3 Peaks in September 2014. Himself and his team will be not only competing in this event but will be stopping along route to leave leaflets in GP surgeries, Health Centre’s and hospitals to educate them of this devastating infection and details of his fundraising page. To make this event possible Chris has organised a family fun day a football tournament with many more ideas to follow.

Elaine McCulloch

elainemccullochI became involved in The Lee Spark Foundation after contracting Necrotising Fasciitis after a emergency c-section on 14th April 2005. I spent many months in hospital including ICU, HDU and underwent 6 debridement operations and a long 22 month recovery after being left with a 18 inch hip to hip open wound.

Looking for information, help and support I found this wonderful charity and the assistance of Doreen Marsden with any question or worry answered with a warm friendly voice. I found the web page extremely informative and realised the need to raise more awareness, but hI wanted to become an Ambassador to spread the word regarding Necrotising Fasciitis and the need for quick diagnosis, effective treatment and rehabilitation from this horrendous disease. I feel given the opportunity within my living area of Scotland I could make a huge difference by sharing my story and what The Lee Spark Foundation stands for, working together in partnership we potentially could save lives.

Teri O’Brien

teriobrienIn 2009, the day after Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis. My life changed forever, for both positive and negative. How can it be a positive? I found my voice in the journey.

Prior to the illness, I lived my life in the background, being a champion for others, but not for me. That kind of existence leaves one vulnerable to many knocks by life. An incident while I was in hospital was a catalyst for me. I said no, that will not happen again. This gave me strength.

Eventually after my horrific experience I was transferred to a nursing home. It was obvious that the staff there had no experience of treating a patient with NF and there was a dire need for education.

On the internet, I researched and found The Lee Spark NF Foundation. Once my request to join was approved, I found there was a treasure. People who had been devastated by NF were eager to share their journey with others. We gave one another tools to cope, listened to the fears, helped with the sorrows. We have laughed, cried, been angered by lack of education . This community of survivors, these warriors have become deeply important to me.

My hope as an ambassador for The Lee Spark NF Foundation is to give a voice to the patient through my experience, and the experiences of those I have bonded with in my involvement with the foundation.

Doctors and other health professionals have the technical knowledge to cut away the infection, but the fear and comfort of the patient is sometimes lost along the way. I would like to educate the professionals on what it is the person with NF experiences.