16th Sept…Colin is Raising Awareness !!

//16th Sept…Colin is Raising Awareness !!



Colin lives in County Antrim  Northern Ireland with his wife Linda – Jane. He is a survivor of necrotising fasciitis.

His journey started in April when he started to feel very cold and generally not well. He went to bed and became worse during the night feeling nausea with extreme thirst. By 6 am Linda – Jane phoned for the GP…he arrived two hours later to find Colin in excruciating pain and decided to administer morphine to ease the pain and explained that he was phoning for the ambulance.

Taking him to Antrim Hospital the team could not see anything visible at first, but then noticed his ankle showed signs of blackness which was spreading extremely quickly. His surgeon Dr Whiteside explained that he needed to be taken to surgery immediately not only to save his leg but also to save his life.

Colin was placed in a coma and on a ventilator for two days. He was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis and debridement had been necessary. The medical team can only guess that perhaps Colin had had a spider bite, but he is not aware of this.

Colin had a large area of his calf removed and two tendons but he could still wiggle his toes and is extremely grateful for the medical team for early diagnosis that had saved his leg and his life. He spent three weeks in Antrim and was then transferred to Ulster hospital to commence his skin grafts which were very very painful.

Today Colin has a compression sock , walks with a limp and attends occupational therapy to help with the movement of his leg.

He appreciates the support from all his family as he rebuilds his life again after this horrific ordeal.

With grateful thanks to all the family for allowing us to publish Colin’s story.

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