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20 02, 2015

That’s the way to do it !!!

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19th March 2015 Travelling to Edinburgh with our Event Coordinator for a meeting with Paul Harrison from Fitwise Management discuss how we can raise awareness of our work by starting our own events. Really looking forward to this meeting lots of positive vibes ...well actually there always are and definitely lots of to do's [...]

19 02, 2015

Old Diary

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Sorting through some old paper work old diaries last night ..we all have them I guess like the rubbish draw in our kitchen !!! Anyway 2001 1st January read ...very first cheque ready to deposit tomorrow into Lee's Fund (as it was then) our website was first launched. Wow we have come along way....and still [...]

18 02, 2015

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Infection Prevention & Control Conference Looking forward to giving my first presentation of 2015 (17th March) at Bethel Conference Centre West Bromwich. Titled “I can save a life” telling my story of losing my son Lee Spark and informing all delegates of the need for early intervention of NF…saving a fortune on NHS funds and saving lives [...]

17 02, 2015

Raising Awareness via blog

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Well this is new to me ..I must confess I am not top of the class in IT, but with help from my friends today I am up and running. Raising Awareness of this terrible disease is my top priority ..on par to supporting survivors, bereaved, family and friends. Such an horrific infection that took [...]