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29 09, 2016

29th Sept ….Go Go Robin !!!

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  29th Sept...Go Go Robin !! Another run conquered . Robin is a survivor of necrotising fasciitis...he has come along way in such a very short time. His fight and determination has inspired him to compete in running events. The most recent one The River Ness  10k in Inverness on Sunday 25th Sept.  His [...]

20 09, 2016

20th Sept 16…. Well done Ian

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On the 18th September Ian Hurst competed in the 10k Wigan (Lancashire) race...guess what Ian competed this race in his wheel chair his time 1 hour :42 mins. Brilliant !!! Ian lost his mother from necrotising fasciitis and he wanted to raise awareness as well as funds . Thank you Ian for supporting our charity [...]

16 09, 2016

16th Sept…Colin is Raising Awareness !!

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  Colin lives in County Antrim  Northern Ireland with his wife Linda - Jane. He is a survivor of necrotising fasciitis. His journey started in April when he started to feel very cold and generally not well. He went to bed and became worse during the night feeling nausea with extreme thirst. By 6 am [...]

15 09, 2016

15th Sept 16 …..Back in the saddle

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Kate's Story (in her own words) In Feb 2008 I contracted NF, no idea how. At first the hospital thought it was Gastroenteritis but I was getting sicker by the hour. 5 days later I was transferred to a different hospital where thankfully they recognised that I had NF. By this time it had a [...]

8 09, 2016

8th Sept 16 Good luck to the Norman’s

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Good luck to the Norman brothers who are running in The Great North Run on Sunday 11th September. A family getting together showing courage, strength and commitment through the sad loss of their dear father on the 16th August 2015 one year ago from necrotising fascitis. Raising awareness of necrotiising fasciitis and raising funds so we [...]

6 09, 2016

6th Sept 16 Educational Learning

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Posting  280 of our Educational Learning USB pens to Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. Thank you for your continued support ..striving to save lives through presentations and experience. Your knowledge and commitment is very much appreciated.  

5 09, 2016

Celebration Evening 2nd Sept 16

2019-07-15T12:52:09+00:00 September 5th, 2016|Awareness| What a lovely evening at The Rivoli Ballroom Brockley London. How lovely ..... NHS staff not only give their care and compassion in their every working hour, But to form a choir. To have reached number 1 in the charts and to contribute to wonderful charities like ours ...thankyou so very much for your [...]