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31 03, 2018

Skin spray heals US woman’s flesh-eating bacteria wounds

2019-07-15T12:59:36+01:00 March 31st, 2018|Awareness|

An experimental skin spray has given a US woman back her skin after drug-resistant bacteria devoured most of the flesh on her left side. In January, Christin Lipinski, 37, developed flu-like symptoms and pain under her armpit. Doctors at Maricopa Integrated Health System – a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona – found she was infected with a [...]

28 03, 2018

Dad Struck by Deadly Bug Makes Return to Parkrun

2019-07-15T12:59:22+01:00 March 28th, 2018|Awareness|

A dad who nearly died when life-threatening sepsis transformed into a ‘flesh-eating’ bacterial infection has made his return to Rogiet parkrun. Luke Dobson was struck down with sepsis in January and has since undergone several major surgeries and spent several weeks in intensive care. But on Saturday the 42-year-old braved the blizzard like conditions as [...]

26 03, 2018

Halifax Woman Contracts Flesh-eating Disease

2019-07-15T12:59:06+01:00 March 26th, 2018|Awareness|

In just a few hours, a Halifax woman went from shovelling snow with her husband to fighting for her life in hospital. Colleen Hilton initially thought she had the flu. Doctors realized her rapidly deteriorating health was due to something far more serious, necrotizing fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating disease. “She went from being a [...]

23 03, 2018

Adam Wilkins 24th Jun 1990 – 18th Feb 2018

2019-07-15T12:58:53+01:00 March 23rd, 2018|Awareness|

Adam's Funeral Notice. We are devastated to announce that our wonderful Adam passed away on the 18th February after fighting to overcome a rare infection called Necrotising Fasciitis. Trevor, Christine and Clarice would like to invite all family and friends to join us in a celebration of Adam's life on Wednesday 4th April at Chelmsford [...]

15 03, 2018

Support on Scarring from Changing Faces

2019-07-15T12:58:40+01:00 March 15th, 2018|Awareness, Charity|

We at The Lee Spark NF Foundation are passionate about supporting survivors, bereaved  and their families who have suffered from necrotising fasciitis, commonly referred to as the ‘flesh-eating disease’; through listening to you for the past 18 years we understand many survivors have terrible issues with scarring after their experience. As part of our ongoing aims we are [...]

12 03, 2018

A ‘blister’ Turns Out to be Flesh-eating Disease

2019-07-15T12:56:55+01:00 March 12th, 2018|Awareness|

Raul Reyes, a 26-year-old Houston daycare teacher, had hurt his foot at work. It was swollen and soon, a blister formed, which he thought was caused by his shoe rubbing his swollen foot. When Reyes woke up the next morning, the blister covered his whole foot. A medical clinic rushed him to the hospital. In [...]

9 03, 2018

Cracking Knuckles Causes NF in US Case

2019-07-15T12:57:06+01:00 March 9th, 2018|Awareness|

A man in Kentucky developed a life-threatening infection from "flesh-eating bacteria" — and nearly lost his hand — after cracking his knuckles, according to news reports. The 31-year-old man, Antoine Boylston, was at work one day in April 2016 when he cracked his knuckles — a frequent habit of his, according to the Daily Mail. But [...]

7 03, 2018

18 Year-Old Marine Dies of Necrotising Fasciitis

2019-07-15T12:57:15+01:00 March 7th, 2018|Awareness|

A Marine stationed at Twentynine Palms died just eight hours after a flesh-eating disease diagnosis, officials said. Pfc. William Becket Kiernan, 18, died of a bacterial skin infection known as necrotizing fasciitis on Feb. 4 2018. No additional cases of necrotizing fasciitis have been reported at the Marine Corps base, Capt. Karen Holliday told Marine Corps [...]