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29 07, 2019

Fundraising for Anita McIlvaney

2019-07-29T11:19:31+01:00 July 29th, 2019|Awareness, Charity, Fundraising|

We are fundraising for our beloved Anita. Anita was tragically taken from us on 16th June 2019. Anita was so cheerful and positive, and most would say 'high on life.' Her day to day living was centred around supporting others be it family, friends, or those she helped through her work. Anita was a tremendous [...]

23 07, 2019

Florida NF death after family beach trip

2021-01-11T10:01:23+00:00 July 23rd, 2019|Awareness|

Dad eaten alive by deadly parasite 48 hours after family beach trip. Dave Bennett, from Memphis, started showing symptoms within 12 hours before the flesh-eating bug turned into sepsis and claimed his life A dad has been eaten alive by a deadly parasite 48 hours after a family beach trip - in the same area [...]

12 07, 2019

Pensioner dies of strep A and sepsis after dog scratch

2021-01-11T10:01:03+00:00 July 12th, 2019|Awareness|

Really sad story recently in The Mirror recently, where a pensioner died after contracting strep A and later sepsis, after her husband's guide dog scratched her. Carol Parsons, 72, had the bacteria on her skin and Labrador cross Quinney was not the carrier, the hearing was told yesterday. The pensioner treated the two tiny scratches [...]

2 07, 2019

Strep A outbreak in Essex hospital

2021-01-11T10:00:55+00:00 July 2nd, 2019|Awareness|

Twelve people have died of a rare bacterial infection known as Strep A that has spread in Essex, the NHS has said. There have been 32 reported cases of the disease, called invasive Group A streptococcus (iGAS), according to the NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group. It said the outbreak started in Braintree and has since spread to [...]