9th Nov 16 Plans for 2017 !!!!

//9th Nov 16 Plans for 2017 !!!!

Its all gogogo here at The Lee Spark NF Foundation.

Really good idea’s swimming round in our heads for 2017 and we have developed a new social media page for all those interested athletic peeps to join in. Keeping fit in our minds is a good start for our 2017 goals.

We are starting a Dave Green Annual Memorial event this year in memory of a wonderful young man that passed away from necrotising fasciitis. he was a very fit and healthy man who dedicated a lot of his time to fundraising for other wonderful causes. Now it is our turn to remember and respect him and his lovely family.

A cycle ride, a mountain climb, an abseil, a run….visit us at the link below

Let us know if you would like to join us to. !!!!



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