A ‘blister’ Turns Out to be Flesh-eating Disease

//A ‘blister’ Turns Out to be Flesh-eating Disease

Raul Reyes, a 26-year-old Houston daycare teacher, had hurt his foot at work. It was swollen and soon, a blister formed, which he thought was caused by his shoe rubbing his swollen foot.

When Reyes woke up the next morning, the blister covered his whole foot. A medical clinic rushed him to the hospital. In the emergency room, x-rays revealed he had a serious, quickly-spreading infection.

Reyes was rushed into surgery.

“Thirty minutes pass and I see the doctor come out,” Joseline Reyes, who is married to Raul, told the Houston Chronicle. “She tells me that she tried to get as much bacteria out but that they had to amputate his foot in order to save his life.”

The infection in Reyes’ foot turned out to be necrotizing fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating disease. These infections, caused by a variety of bacteria, cause soft tissue such as skin, muscle, ligaments, blood vessels, and fat to die. The infection needs to be killed or cut away before it spreads.

You can read the full story here.

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