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Doreen Cartledge – Founder

Through personal loss of her son Lee Spark in October 1999 of the horrific infection Necrotising fasciitis Doreen has campaigned endlessly to raise awareness by giving lecture’s including statistic’s and survey results from survivors and bereaved. Being involved in world wide organisations attending many conferences, NHS Seminars, media interviews and attending International Symposiums on Streptococci and Streptococcal diseases. Developing Medical Training DVD’s on this subject.

Doreen’s background experience working for the NHS for 25 years as a GP receptionist and having level 2 Oxford and Cambridge counselling qualification, along with her 10 year Cruise bereavement counselling qualification led her to volunteering for 20 years. Her many years of experience and having lost her son Lee through necrotising fasciitis . Doreen feels comfortable in offering empathy, respect and understanding to the people who make contact and can offer counselling over the phone or on a one to one basis.

Alex Lewis Patron

Image of Alex Lewis

I’m delighted to have been invited by Doreen to become a Patron of The Lee Spark NF Foundation

Doreen and I first crossed paths around 6 years ago when I had just been released from my seven months in hospital and I had arrived home as a triple amputee. Strep A did it’s level best to finish me off however thanks to the incredible NHS and Winchester and Salisbury hospitals I had survived. Words do not do justice to just how invasive and brutal Strep A can be but there was very little information for me and my family to begin to understand just what had happened and why.

The Lee Spark NF Foundation was the only source of information and thanks to Doreen and her team they offered much needed advice and support. Fast forward 6 years and I now lead an incredible life as a now quadruple amputee. The opportunities that have arisen from my situation are numerous however one is by far the most important and that’s the ability to help drive medical research. To be able to educate, highlight early signs, and promote research into prevention and treatment and offer a survivors perspective and feedback is crucial in helping to increase survival rates.

I’m very much looking forward to my role as a patron and I hope to be able to lend support and help drive change alongside Doreen and her incredible team.

Teri O’Brien – Ambassador

teriobrienIn 2009, the day after Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis. My life changed forever, for both positive and negative. How can it be a positive? I found my voice in the journey.

Prior to the illness, I lived my life in the background, being a champion for others, but not for me. That kind of existence leaves one vulnerable to many knocks by life. An incident while I was in hospital was a catalyst for me. I said no, that will not happen again. This gave me strength.

Eventually after my horrific experience I was transferred to a nursing home. It was obvious that the staff there had no experience of treating a patient with NF and there was a dire need for education.

On the internet, I researched and found The Lee Spark NF Foundation. Once my request to join was approved, I found there was a treasure. People who had been devastated by NF were eager to share their journey with others. We gave one another tools to cope, listened to the fears, helped with the sorrows. We have laughed, cried, been angered by lack of education . This community of survivors, these warriors have become deeply important to me.

My hope as an ambassador for The Lee Spark NF Foundation is to give a voice to the patient through my experience, and the experiences of those I have bonded with in my involvement with the foundation.

Doctors and other health professionals have the technical knowledge to cut away the infection, but the fear and comfort of the patient is sometimes lost along the way. I would like to educate the professionals on what it is the person with NF experiences.

Elaine McCulloch – Trustee/Ambassador

elainemccullochI became involved in The Lee Spark Foundation after contracting Necrotising Fasciitis after a emergency c-section on 14th April 2005. I spent many months in hospital including ICU, HDU and underwent 6 debridement operations and a long 22 month recovery after being left with a 18 inch hip to hip open wound.

Looking for information, help and support I found this wonderful charity and the assistance of Doreen Cartledge with any question or worry answered with a warm friendly voice. I found the web page extremely informative and realised the need to raise more awareness, but I wanted to become an Ambassador to spread the word regarding Necrotising Fasciitis and the need for quick diagnosis, effective treatment and rehabilitation from this horrendous disease. I feel given the opportunity within my living area of Scotland I could make a huge difference by sharing my story and what The Lee Spark Foundation stands for, working together in partnership we potentially could save lives.

Patsy Corcoran – Trustee

Patsy has supported the charity for quite a number of years. She assists with fundraising events, making cards, selling raffle tickets and general administrative duties

Robert Wilkie – Trustee

After being introduced to the Lee Spark NF foundation by its Scottish ambassador I was able to discover much about the condition Necrotizing fasciitis than I ever knew before; most importantly I discovered I wasn’t alone in my continuing battle with the effects of this dreadful infection.

It is I believe extremely important to raise awareness of Necrotizing fasciitis. I am a great believer In the saying together we can make a difference and that is what the foundation is doing.

Lucy Louise Dove – Trustee

My name is Lucy and in 2013 my one year old son, Frankie developed Group A strep associated necrotising fasciitis. When the infection was diagnosed Frankie was given a very small chance of survival. He had tissue and muscle debrided from 80% of his back, left flank and left thigh.

Frankie survived and has extensive skin grafting. We live in the north east of England and attend the great north childrens hospital regularly as Frankie will need operations as he grows because his skin grafts do not grow with him.

It has been 5 years since we first heard the words “necrotising fasciitis”. An infection we had no idea exsisted let alone happened to healthy children. My mission is to work as part of The Lee Spark foundation to raise awareness of this infection.

I particularily aim to educate the medical professions and students on the fact that this does happen to children. I also am here to help support any parents who may find themselves part of the NF family. Having a child who has been struck by NF is incredibly difficult because not only are you trying your hardest to care for and support your child but understanding what has happened and looking to the future can also be incredibly difficult.

I am here 24 hours a day 7 days a week should anyone need to speak about NF or want advice and support. You cannot chose which card you are dealt in this life but you can chose what to do with them and I fully intend on raising awareness of NF, saving lives and improving the after care of those who have been affected