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A huge thank you to our fundraisers!

Sep 4, 2019 | Awareness

We’re taking the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing fundraisers! You’ve all worked so hard in your campaigning and fundraising. Thank you everyone!

We’re very fortunate in that lots of people chose to raise money and awareness for us, something we never take for granted and are hugely appreciative for.

Recently we’ve had sprints, bike rides, races, gaming marathons and so much more! What an exciting time for us here at The Lee Spark NF Foundation.

Thanks again, and keep up the hard work!

Lots of love xxx

The Lee Spark NF Foundation

The mission of The Lee Spark Necrotising (necrotizing) Fasciitis (NF) Foundation is to help those whose lives have been affected by necrotising (necrotizing) fasciitis and other severe streptococcal infections and medical staff who are involved with investigating, diagnosing and treating NF.

Our aims are to:

  • support the families and those affected,
  • educate the medical profession and the general public,
  • promote recognition of the early signs and symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis and severe streptococcal infection,
  • highlight the causes, effects, treatment and management of this horrific disease and
  • promote research into prevention and treatment.

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