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Aftercare and support after necrotising fasciitis

Jun 29, 2020 | Awareness, Charity

We have a wonderful survivor who has experienced so much through her necrotising fasciitis journey and is going to be able to listen to you and understand your experiences and feelings.

Becky has survived necrotising fasciitis and knows how you may be feeling. She’s had those bad days, she’s struggled with the same emotions and is here to help.

We know that many people affected by necrotizing fasciitis have experienced issues around mental health, including but not limited to, PTSD and OCD. Anyone that has come close to, or been affected by necrotising fasciitis, knows that the time spent in hospital is just the start of the journey.

There is a tremendous amount of aftercare needed, particularly around mental health, and the aftermath isn’t always easy to clear up. Some people need a little extra support or guidance. It has been apparent that many countries have a lack of mental health aftercare sometimes due to a lack of funds. This is where The Lee Spark NF Foundation can help.

We have supported many survivors, bereaved, families and friends who have all been horrified by the sudden onset of necrotising fasciitis. The treatment if misdiagnosed can lead to irreparable damage to the skin and possible amputation to save lives. The whole necrotizing fasciitis experience often leaves the patient and family members extremely traumatised.

Some of your concerns may be what creams are or are not working for your scars, good days and bad days mentally and physically. You may also be worried about whether you’re being a burden to your friends and family. These are just a few of the commons concerns we hear from hear from survivors.

If you’d like to reach out and just have a chat, please drop Becky an email – [email protected]

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