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Flesh eating bug: Leg graze leads to NF for Welsh DJ

Oct 20, 2022 | Awareness, Latest News

BBC Wales recently published a brilliant and in-depth article highlighting the severity of “the flesh eating bug”, necrotising fasciitis. When Welsh DJ, Scott Neil grazed his leg walking home from work he almost lost his leg and his life. We were honoured to be included in the article under the call to raise awareness of the life threatening condition.

The full article, Flesh-eating bug: Swansea DJ tells how graze almost killed him, written by Shazia Ali, which highlights the importance of education and awareness of necrotising fasciitis, can be found on the BBC News website. There are also several images from Scott’s experience, and a brilliant interview, which we recommend you watch to find out more about Scott’s journey and recovery.

We encourage you to read the whole article. We have pulled out some of the key points below.

Scott’s story

Scott was walking home from work one day and grazed his leg, thinking nothing of it.

A few days later he was in “searing agony” and his leg had swollen to twice its original size.

The wound had become infected by a bacteria and turned into the life threatening condition necrotising fasciitis.

On arrival to A&E Scott passed out from the pain. Doctors operated and found that he had developed necrotising fasciitis, which had “eaten away” at his quad and knee muscle.

Doctors told him that he was hours away from losing his leg and possibly his life.

Scott spent the next six weeks in hospital undergoing six surgeries, half of which were to try stop the spread of the infection as it ate away at his flesh and muscles. the remaining operations were to replace the lost muscles in his leg.’s part

Our Founder, Dee Cartledge, was asked to comment and highlighted the need to spread the word and raise awareness about necrotising fasciitis.

“I ask survivors who contact me for support to spread the word about this disease because not a lot is known about it among the wider public and the mortality rate is so very, very high,”

Dee Cartledge

We would encourage anyone reading the article (or this one) to tell one person about nf – every person with awareness can make a difference! The quicker the condition can be caught the more people we will save – early diagnosis may be the difference between life and death and early intervention of an infection can even prevent necrotising fasciitis.

Scott’s life after the flesh eating bug

We’re really pleased that Scott has been able to get the treatment to rebuild his leg and can now walk again following a long road of rehabilitation.

Scott talks about having a new zest for life in the article and is grateful for the experience facing trauma head on has given him.

Speaking out about the condition will no doubt help to raise awareness and we salute you Scott, for both your bravery and desire to spread the word.

More about the ‘flesh eating bug’

Please read the article for more great insights about what causes necrotising fasciitis and the main signs and symptoms.

We also have lots of information on our website to help anyone who’d like to know more.

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