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Mother ’24 hours away from dying’ after catching NF from C-section

Oct 4, 2019 | Awareness

A first-time mother has told how she caught a flesh-eating bug (necrotizing fasciitis) after an emergency cesarean, which left her 24 hours away from death.

Krista Parise, 32, spent two weeks in hospital battling necrotizing fasciitis – a vicious infection that destroys skin, muscles and fat.

Doctors found she had contracted a bacterial infection during her emergency C-section, which then led to the life-threatening NF.

She was allowed home two days after giving birth to Sal. However, she woke up the following day with a fever.

Her gynaecologist sent her away – but her fever only became worse. Ms Parise then developed an excruciating pain in her stomach, which was ‘hot to touch’.

It became so bad that the Mercedes saleswoman, from New York, struggled to walk, leaving her bed-bound and needing her mother’s help to care for Sal.

Fearing she may be allergic to the surgical tape used to stitch up her scar, Ms Parise felt her abdomen to search for any rashes or bumps.

However, she ‘freaked out’ when she found big yellow pus bubbles spread all across the incision and she rushed to the emergency room.

Ms Parise’s blisters were oozing smelly pus, which she claims was ‘so bad’ that she thought it came from ‘the homeless people’ seeking help.

You can read the full article here.

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