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Necrotising Fasciitis featured on BBC radio 2

Oct 28, 2022 | Awareness | 0 comments

We were really pleased to see Jeremy Vines putting a spot light on necrotising fasciitis this month on his BBC Radio 2. Jeremy was joined by Welsh DJ Scott Neil, who we featured in last week’s blog post.

Scott describes the early symptoms he encountered – the main symptom being the pain which was “indescribable” leaving Scott almost in tears.

Jeremy and Scott were joined by Dr Sarah Jarvis to provide more information about the early warning signs.

The show is available to listen to on BBC Sounds for another two weeks. The discussion starts at around 1hr 6 mins.

We’re really pleased that necrotising fasciitis is getting attention and we encourage everyone to have a listen to the show to promote awareness. Early diagnosis is essential to prevention and survival.

You can find out more about the signs and symptoms here.

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