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Shop Mobility UK – help getting you back to normality

Nov 24, 2022 | Awareness | 0 comments

Sufferers of Necrotising Fasciitis often find that they need to adapt their lives in some way either temporarily, during recovery, or perhaps in the longer term due to a permanent disability. It’s important to the recovery process to be able to feel a sense of normality by doing the same things as you did before having necrotising fasciitis, such as shopping or having a day out with the family. In the UK, Shop Mobility is there to support anyone with mobility issues to get around and back to normality.

What is Shop Mobility?

ShopMobility UK is a nationwide network of centres which hire out mobility equipment to the public. This equipment is mainly manual wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters so people with restricted mobility can enjoy independence outdoors. These hire services are low cost or sometimes free to all ages of people looking to access shops and leisure facilities.

ShopMobilityUK is part of Driving Mobility, a registered charity in the UK. Driving Mobility is a national charity, supported by the Department for Transport, that accredits a network of driving and mobility assessment centres.

How can Shop Mobility help nf sufferers?

f walking longer distances is a problem or spending time outdoors with friends and family is challenging due to mobility issues, ShopMobility UK can help.

They have a network of members who can provide mobility equipment to help you enjoy a day out. They are based in town and city centres as well as some locations of interest to tourists for days out. The best part is that they offer great value for money and in some cases rental might be free or on a donation basis.

We are 100% committed to helping and allowing freedom without restrictions – ensuring improved well-being and reduced isolation across the UK.

Who can use Shop Mobility?

Anyone can use Shop Mobility UK services, it’s not just for the elderly or those with long term disabilities. Perhaps you just need a little support to walk long distances or you’ve had a recent operation and need additional equipment to enjoy a day with family or friends.

Whatever the support you need the Shop Mobility network are there to help you access shops and leisure facilities.

How much does equipment cost?

Costs depend on which centre in the network you are visiting, however, they are always reasonable and sometimes even free or for a small donation! Yay!

It’s best to speak to your local branch to find out the costs thought as they do vary.

How do I find my nearest Shop Mobility branch?

The ShopMobility UK website has a centre finder where you can see the whole network, or you can search Google Maps for your nearest branch wherever you are!

What else to remember on a day out

It’s great to be having a day out, but make sure you’re kind to yourself, make sure you:

  1. Take plenty of breaks – sitting in a cafe can be a great way to do this!
  2. Stay hydrated – take a bottle of water with you.
  3. Plan your outing – it’s good to know where things like disabled car parks and toilets are if you’ll require them.
  4. Call ahead if you plan to eat out somewhere – it will help the restaurant / cafe be as accommodating as possible.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it and if you do feel shy make sure there is someone you can trust with you.
  6. Lots of leisure facilities offer free carer tickets if you need a carer, so make sure you check where you’re going as this can help with costs for the day 😃
Getting back to normality with Shop Mobility UK

Find useful links to other organisations who can help you get back to normality on our useful links page.

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