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Support with anxieties or PTSD

Jan 15, 2021 | Awareness, Latest News

A reminder that we offer support for those struggling with anxieties or PTSD.

Our survivor Becky is on-hand to offer one-on-one support if you find yourself having mental health issues after contracting necrotizing fasciitis. Many survivors find the mental recovery is as challenging as the physical, so please do reach out if you want to chat.

Becky says:

Good morning Everyone – I’m hoping that you’re all doing as well as you possibly can during another lockdown. Stress levels will likely be even more heightened than normal during this time, maybe bringing back the panic of being ill,  and the memories of being ill. Please remember that it’s all perfectly natural, and part of everyday life but for us with PTSD it can be a hard trigger.

Just please know that we are in this together and here to talk whenever you need. If any of you would like some tips on how you can control some of your anxieties please get in touch; it can be tips on breathing techniques to meditation, sometimes these simple things really can give you back control.

From one PTSD sufferer to another. We’re in this together and it will become easier.

Stay safe

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