15th Sept 16 …..Back in the saddle

//15th Sept 16 …..Back in the saddle


Kate’s Story (in her own words)

In Feb 2008 I contracted NF, no idea how. At first the hospital thought it was Gastroenteritis but I was getting sicker by the hour. 5 days later I was transferred to a different hospital where thankfully they recognised that I had NF. By this time it had a good hold on my right leg, hip area and stomach and I had gone into septic shock. To cut a long story short, they put me in an induced coma and carried out lots of ops to remove the infected tissue. I spent about 10 days in ICU and was in hospital for 3 months. I could not walk or even stand  until a few days before I left hospital. I left using a zimmer frame and soon managed to just get around with crutches.

My life before NF was always filled with riding horses and I thought I would never be able to do this again. I did try several times but it was just to painful but I was determined not to give up. A couple of years ago I tried again and it did not hurt as much so carried on riding  a few times a month. Last September we bought the lovely Baz for my daughter and me to ride. The more I rode the more confident I became but still did not have the courage to jump as I was worried my leg and foot which is riddled with arthritis would not support me. But last weekend at a fun show at the yard Baz and me completed three rounds of jumping and it was the best feeling ever.

They may have been small but we did it !!!…..no stopping us now.

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