Bereavement during COVID-19

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Bereavement during normal times is heartbreaking and can be extremely hard to comes to terms with. Bereavement during COVID-19 has been even harder.
image of two hands reaching outAs you are aware these times, almost one year ago we all have tried our very best to remain positive . Hanging on to every news-bulletin in hope that later on that same day the news was going to have a brighter outcome.
We as a Charity are fully aware losing a loved one is a huge loss. How can life change so much from being in your owns routines whether it has been a short time or a long time does it really matter as it is your loss.
If you need us when you feel like a cry or a chat we are here for you. Please do contact us on [email protected]  and let us hear your wonderful memories.
Take care,
The Lee Spark NF Foundation
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