11 10, 2019

Supporting The Lee Spark NF Foundation!

2019-10-11T11:47:21+01:00 October 11th, 2019|Awareness|

It may be nice and warm now but soon you'll be needing one of our beautiful hoodies to keep you warm over the autumn and winter. It's your time to show your support for The Lee Spark Foundation with our exclusive hoodies! You can chose from either Black/Navy or Grey and our sizes are XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL [...]

9 10, 2019

Need a respite holiday? Let us help!

2019-10-09T09:30:53+01:00 October 9th, 2019|Charity, Event, Latest News|

The Lee Spark NF Foundation would like to invite applications from survivors, bereaved or carers of NF Worldwide to have a wonderful one week respite holiday for two people staying at Los Giles, Almeria, Spain. This property is so cute and is 100+ years old. May 2020 The applicant should email us on [email protected] [...]

8 10, 2019

Donating through Smile Amazon

2019-10-08T09:37:10+01:00 October 8th, 2019|Awareness, Charity, Fundraising|

Did you know when shopping through Smile Amazon you can request a donation to your favourite charity? It's no different to regular Amazon, but they donate with every purchase! If you shop here (Smile Amazon) we can receive 0.05% commission ... yes I know it is a small amount...but small amounts mount up .....their site [...]

7 10, 2019

Assisting survivors with skin care

2019-10-07T09:08:50+01:00 October 7th, 2019|Charity, Fundraising|

We are forever striving to assist survivors of necrotising (necrotizing) fasciiitis in their rehabilitation. Selection of Body Shop creams Many of you have said that Body Shop creams are working brilliantly for you on your donor sites, skin grafts and other skin changes. We have a selection available for you at a reduced [...]

4 10, 2019

Mother ’24 hours away from dying’ after catching NF from C-section

2019-10-04T12:31:56+01:00 October 4th, 2019|Awareness, Latest News|

A first-time mother has told how she caught a flesh-eating bug (necrotizing fasciitis) after an emergency cesarean, which left her 24 hours away from death. Krista Parise, 32, spent two weeks in hospital battling necrotizing fasciitis - a vicious infection that destroys skin, muscles and fat. Doctors found she had contracted a bacterial infection during [...]

3 10, 2019

Aftercare and support after necrotising fasciitis

2019-10-03T09:09:19+01:00 October 3rd, 2019|Awareness, Charity|

We have a wonderful survivor who has experienced so much through her necrotising fasciitis journey and is going to be able to listen to you and understand your experiences and feelings. Becky has survived necrotising fasciitis and knows how you may be feeling. She's had those bad days, she's struggled with the same emotions and [...]

30 09, 2019

Can you make us your Charity of the Year?

2019-09-30T12:38:25+01:00 September 30th, 2019|Charity, Latest News|

Bit of a plea, this one. We're looking for any of our survivors, or family and friends, to see whether they could nominate us as their workplace Charity of the  Year? Previously, we've raised awareness on a large scale plus fundraising events (raffles/auctions/quiz nights) and also have a lot of fun! All through being selected [...]

19 09, 2019

Essex mum gets NF through mosquito bite

2019-09-19T09:46:08+01:00 September 19th, 2019|Awareness, Latest News|

Mum’s ‘heart stopped for three minutes’ after she was bitten by a mosquito in her back garden and developed necrotizing fasciitis. A mum has revealed how her heart stopped for three minutes after being bitten by a mosquito in her back garden. Kim Robinson, 25, developed a flesh-eating bug and feared her leg would be [...]

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