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We aim to write short and interesting stories, news updates and cover most subjects relating to necrotising fasciitis and support that we think would be of interest to you.

Surviving necrotizing fasciitis – Robin’s story

Surviving necrotizing fasciitis – Robin's story We know that mortality rates can be low in some areas; here Robin tells us how he survived necrotizing fasciitis: "I developed NF in August 2014 in my shoulder. Initially I had severe pain in my right shoulder. As this...

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Getting back to work after trauma

Are you struggling with getting back to work after trauma? Whether it be finding a job, settling back into your old workplace, or struggling with your mental health; work can feel very different after the trauma of necrotising fasciitis. If you or a loved one are...

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Why did I get necrotizing fasciitis?

I've always wondered why I caught necrotizing fasciitis Hi my name is Wayne and I was 32 at the time of my  experience of necrotizing fasciitis. Here I share my diary with you. Predisposing factor Strep A throat.  3rd March 2011. Admitted to hospital that day as my...

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A few words on bereavement

Every day those of us that are bereaved go through a day of emotional thoughts. The day of our loved ones passing will always be with us. The hours leading up to that passing. The minutes leading up to their passing also. This I personally think is the worse. The...

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Meet the Team – Our Founder, Doreen Cartledge!

Our Founder, the incredible Doreen Cartledge. Through personal loss of her son Lee Spark in October 1999 of the horrific infection necrotising fasciitis (NF); Doreen has campaigned endlessly to raise awareness by giving lectures including statistics and survey results...

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Nathan Penfold tells us about Wheelie Access

Nathan Penfold tells us about Wheelie Access, designed to help people all over the world become accustomed to a new or existing disability. "I first heard of The Lee Spark NF Foundation when my uncle Jonathan was in recovery from NF as he was in contact with Dee...

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Get to know The Lee Spark NF Foundation

Get to know The Lee Spark NF Foundation! We're excited to announce the first in our brand new series of webinars - Get to know The Lee Spark NF Foundation! Join us by Zoom for a chance to hear our Founder, the amazing Doreen Cartledge, talk about why she created the...

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Results from our mental health and well-being survey

Today we are extremely proud to share with you the results of our first-ever mental health and well-being survey. For 2 weeks in January 20201, we conducted a survey across all of our social media channels, looking for information on how survivors of necrotizing...

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