Coping with Necrotising Fasciitis

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The Foundation has been set up to offer help, guidance and support for anybody that has been affected by necrotising fasciitis or any severe streptococcal infections. We hope that the information, provided by this site offers you some substance and facts to help you deal with the condition, its effects and lets you know you’re not alone.


If you would like to share your experiences with a fellow survivor, partner, family friend or those bereaved we are able to offer you support either by contacting us directly or, if you prefer you can join a PRIVATE network forum on Facebook. We appreciate how intense your journey through NF has been and to share your stories can be crucial to your recovery process.

The personal experiences section contains stories from people who have been affected by NF as a patient or relative. Sadly, many people who are affected by this dreadful infection do not survive. The dedications section is a place to remember those who were taken by necrotising fasciitis.