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In memory of Jenifer Margaret Probert

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In memory of Jenifer Margaret Probert.

9th December 1950 – 25th June 2020
Much loved wife, mother, grandmother, friend and nurse.

I knew today my voice would be too weak,
Tears too heavy to stand and speak,
But I could never let the opportunity pass,
To write a few words, although they won’t be my last.

Nan you are going to be dearly missed,
I would do anything for one last kiss
To hear your voice call me “Amy lou”,
I really did think that you would pull through,
I find comfort in knowing your with your parents again.
Along with the complete peace and serenity you have gained.
This is not goodbye,
This is until next time my friend.
Not in this life, but I know in the next,
We will meet again.
Your memory will live on inside me,
Close to my heart you will be,
Photos on the walls for everyone to see,
The good times I will share with joy,
And don’t worry we will all make sure grandads a good boy.
Thank you for everything, and I mean it,
You inspired me, taught me never to quit.
You really was something special.
One of a kind,

Not many nans were your way inclined.
Statement gold jewellery and a trendy top,
Your Pat Bucher earrings made your ear lobes drop,
The scent of your perfume, champagne, was divine,
You always said you were going to leave us at sixty-nine.
So goodnight Nan Jen, my Angel,
I love you.

Until next time my friend.

As written by Amy Lou, Granddaughter.

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