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Carole’s story

Carole went to see her GP with severe stomach pains during her 4th pregnancy and was referred to hospital, where they suspected an eptopic pregnancy. This is Carole's story.
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Hi my name is carole pearson i live in bradford west yorkshire i live with my husband jason i have 3 children i am writing to tell you my story it all started when i found out i was pregnant with my 4th pregnancy i started getting bad stomach pains i went to see my GP who sent me to the hospital i was examined by and they told me to come back for a ultra sound scan.

I returned back 2 days later which was the 20th june 2007. I had a scan done they asked me to have a blood test to see how much hormone i had.

I returned back 2 days later for another blood test, when i returned back on 22nd I had to wait 3 hours for the result of my blood. I knew by the look on there faces it was not good news they said my hormone level had not gone up much and suspected i was having a ectopic pregnancy, so they admitted me into hospital and wanted to do a laparotomy.

They starved me so i could have the surgery done that day, then it got to 8pm and they told me my surgery would be done the next morning.

The 23rd of june came and I went down for my surgery.

I was put to sleep when I came round I can remember being in a bit of pain and really sore, some of my family came to see me but nobody had been to tell me anything about my surgery.

My husband jason went to ask them about my surgery and they said they was nothing in my tube that the baby was in my womb and that they just closed me back up.

I felt ok on the sunday and on the monday i was transferred to a different ward as I was going home the next day as they needed my bed the following morning.

They came round at 6am and took my temp and it was high, but they still discharged me from that ward. That was the 27th june, when I got discharged they never told me when to get my stitches out or if a district nurse would visit me at home!

I was still really sore and felt quite unwell on the 28th.

I got up and felt even more unwell, i told my husband and he told me to go back to bed so i did. By the time it was 5pm and was I still in bed fast asleep he became really worried about me and he decided to call the GP surgery and ask for a doctor to visit me, he was told to take me up to the surgery as with me having stitches if they needed to be taken out then they had the stuff there to take them out.

I protested at first as I was really tired but was told by my husband I had to go which I knew was true.

We got a taxi to the surgery, my doctor told me I had an infection in my wound and gave me some antibiotics.

I got home and went back to bed.

The following morning I woke up, got out of bed and felt something warm and brown leakage running down my leg and the smell i have never smelt anything like it before.

My husband rang for a district nurse to visit but they said it could be 3-4pm before anybody could get to me, so I just stayed in bed.

When the nurse arrived she took a look at my wound and the smell and they phoned the hospital, they told them to admit me back into hospital and they phoned for a ambulance. When I got to the hospital they examined me and I was put on iv antibiotics, they then just left me for 6 days with just putting new dressings on as I still had leakage of brown gunge and also started with a red area on my stomach.

On the 4th july i went for another ultra sound scan and it confirmed i was miscarrying our baby.

Our world had fallen apart. When we got back up on to the ward I was seen by a wound care nurse. She asked how long my stomach had been red and said she thought i had NECROTISING FASCIITIS. She then asked for a consultant to come and see me, Mr Morrison came to see me and my worst fear was confirmed it was NECROTISING FASCIITIS.

He told me i needed surgery, all I wanted was my husband to be there, so the hospital contacted my husband and asked him to come as soon as possible.

My husband got really scared as he didn’t know what to expect when he arrived he was met by Mr Morrison who explained to him what it was.

At first I didn’t want the surgery, but that was just shock he told my husband, if I didn’t have the operation he would be taking me home in a box!

My husband, children and family were devastated, but then I signed the consent form. Mr Morrison came and collected me from the ward, as he didn’t have time to wait for a porter.

I was put to sleep and felt in good hands when I went to my new ward I was met by all my family.

I was told I would have to go back into surgery 2 days after for some more to be cut away.

On July 6th I went back into surgery for some more cut away, I was then fitted with a vac dressing what pain that was! I was on that ward for 3 weeks then a plastic surgeon came to see me and said he was going to perform a skin graft on me the following week and took the vac dressing off and let me go home for the weekend.

That was lovely, I returned back to the hospital for the skin graft on the wednesday 25th July.

I had the surgery done the same day. When I came round I had a small vac dressing on the doner site was more painful then where they put my new skin after 4 days they took the vac dressing off to see how much the new skin had took.

50% had took, they let me come home on the 31st July in the care of the district nurses, they come twice a day.

At first my wound was 36cm long 4cm wide and 4cm deep. I got discharged from the district nurses in February 2008. I returned back to work in march, I am still having problems with it, I keep on getting infection’s in my scar.

I have just finished antibiotics and have to use antibiotics cream, at the moment my scar had broken down again in two places, every time I get a infection I think i’m getting NF again but suppose I will always think that I just owe my life to that wound care nurse Vicki who came to see me that day. I cannot thank her enough.

If anybody would like to contact me you can ask doreen to pass your details on to me.

Thank you for letting me to tell my story, before I got NF I didn’t even know any thing about this dreadful disease.

with love

Carole Pearson

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