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Kirby’s story

Kirby suffered flu-like symptoms for days then pain in her leg before noticing a bite on her leg and being rushed to hospital. Here's her story.
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Hello, I would like to tell my story.

I was 17 with a 9 month old little girl, I had been planning a christening for months, trying to make it perfect for my little girl. Me, my family and friends had planned everything for the 8th June 2014.

I had become really poorly the 1st June as if I had come down with flu, I couldn’t physically stay awake, I had to have family to look after my daughter whilst I tried to recover for the big day! But I was getting worse so I dragged myself to the doctors and he put it down to the flu, told me to just take paracetamol.

But I didn’t feel any better. I woke up Saturday 7th in agony with my left calf, I couldn’t walk. Noticed a bite like mark on the inner of my right thigh which was sensitive. I was in and out of sleep shivering but sweating. I refused to go to hospital during the day because I wanted the special day for my little girl to still go ahead. As midnight approached I was crying. I felt like I was dying. Which little did I know, I was!! My mum took me straight to A&E and I was dosed up with morphine, too much morphine! More than I should have had. I was in reasus not knowing what was going on, as soon as the surgeon could get there I was rushed into surgery for them to realise I had compartment syndrome in my left calf and nf in my thigh! I had a cardiac arrest in surgery and when I finally came out, I was told how lucky I was not to lose my legs or even die! It was really touch and go. I had to spend a few days in intensive care till I was put onto a ward. I missed my little one so much but I knew I had to get better. I underwent 3 operations in total in 3 weeks, a skin graft and a drain fitted.

Its been just over a year since it all happened and I still have panic attacks when I step into a hospital but im so thankful im still here, I still have both my legs and I get to see my little one grow up. Im sharing my story with you for hope for anyone who has had it and didn’t think they could feel ‘normal’ again, I do have my down days but I remember I was lucky.


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