Dad almost loses arm to NF

//Dad almost loses arm to NF

Luke Dobson, 42, was suffering from flu-like symptoms when he developed a pain in his elbow. Thinking it was just aches and pains caused by the virus he thought nothing of it, but his condition soon took a turn for the worse. Luke, from Undy in South Wales, was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with sepsis.

Further tests revealed Luke also had necrotising fasciitis. The infection had caused severe damage to his arm and “quite a lot” of tissue had to be removed. His wife Julie, 42, said: “Fortunately, they didn’t go down to the muscle. He has recovered physically but now it’s about the mental recovery. They figured out it was sepsis early on as the arm started swelling. It was such a shock that this can happen and happen so fast. Something that seems really small can become something life-threatening.”

Luke, an IT engineer who has a 13-year-old daughter, Claudia, was in intensive care at the Royal Gwent Hospital and spent three days on life support.

You can read the full story here.

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