Doctors mistake NF for a pulled muscle

//Doctors mistake NF for a pulled muscle

A mum was left fighting for her life after a tiny cut triggered a NF, after doctors mistook pain for a pulled muscle. Laura Hayes-Meerman lost the skin and muscle from the right side of her body after surgeons were forced to cut away the dead tissue.

The 52-year-old was on holiday, skiing in Vermont when she began suffering severe shoulder pain. Doctors suspected a pulled muscle, but unbeknown to them the deadly bug necrotising fasciitis was ravaging the mum-of-two’s body. As the infection spread, she was left fighting for life as her body began to shut down.

Laura, a dance movement teacher, said the last thing she remembers is sitting in a hospital waiting room on December 23 2016. She woke up six weeks later to find her body covered in scars and wounds from 14 surgeries to graft skin from the left side of her body onto her right.

Laura, of Encinitas, California, said: “When I saw my body for the first time I was devastated. I was being helped to the shower by a nurse and for the first time I saw my naked body in a mirror and I was heartbroken. But I’m alive and I have all my limbs and I see that as extremely lucky.”

You can read the full story here.

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