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Pete’s Sunday Club Ride fundraiser

Jun 6, 2019 | Awareness, Event, Fundraising

After losing his sister 6 years ago to necrotising fasciitis, Pete and 4 friends are cycling from St Ives Cornwall to St Ives Cambs over 4 days August 9th – 12th, as a way of paying tribute and spreading awareness and contributing to The Lee Spark Foundation.

Pete explains “from admittance at hospital on the second day after first being sent home with a “frozen shoulder” she was admitted and placed in intensive care on dialysis and a ventilator. She was seriously unwell and we had no clue what was going on. It seemed the hospital had not much idea either. On the third day she was transferred from West Suffolk to Addenbrookes Hospital and sent straight to surgery where she died of catastrophic organ failure on the operating table.

Myself and my family had never heard of necrotising fasciitis and still there is so little awareness. The hospital failed greatly in it’s duty of care and as a family we have struggled greatly to understand how our sister, daughter and mother of two children was taken from us so suddenly. My sister shared the same birthday as me albeit two years apart and she was my birthday buddy, best friend and personal confidant and when she left us a major part of me went with her.

I can not with all the will in the world bring her back but I can do as much as I can to raise awareness. Nobody should go through this tragedy and to understand so little. Everybody that new Helen would say she was always full of life and her passing affected a great many people. She would also encourage anybody to “just do it” and so I am doing something I can do and that is ride my bike spreading awareness.”

You can sponsor Pete and his friends here.

We are extremely grateful to you all for your fundraising and raising awareness!

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