A few words on bereavement

//A few words on bereavement

Every day those of us that are bereaved go through a day of emotional thoughts.

The day of our loved ones passing will always be with us. The hours leading up to that passing. The minutes leading up to their passing also. This I personally think is the worse. The anxiety the feeling of helplessness when instincts tell you to protect them as you love them so very much.

After death let us believe that they are no longer in pain. They are with their Angels looking after us and this can I imagine be very hard work for them up in heaven.

Your beliefs is what gives you strength to carry on and their personalities, their laughter, the wonderful memories you have of them.

They will always love you and you them and that is a wonderful wonderful warm feeling.

If anyone would like to chat or cry with me. I am here for you. Dee x

Please email me on [email protected]

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