Experiences of necrotizing fasciitis – Liesi’s story

//Experiences of necrotizing fasciitis – Liesi’s story

Liesi’s Story of Necrotizing Fasciitis

I was 46 years old when I had the most horrendous experience of my life.

I had been bitten on my right hand by my friends rescue dog causing a small puncture to my hand. I went for a tetanus injection but my hand continued to swell really badly and looking like the skin would burst it had stretched that far, shortly after I became nausea.

2 days later I needed to be taken to ER. They suspected Sepsis. I was taken to theatre immediately, were they started to cut away the infection that had turned into the disease necrotising fasciitis. The disease was travelling fast and I was taken to theatre every day.

I spent 25 days in hospital and for 2 weeks I was in intensive care.  Several months attending wound care and how to learn to write again.  I still need to have four more surgeries.

I am coping but my tendons cause me a lot of pain and I also do not have any feeling in the top of my hand.  All this from a dog bite.

Necrotising fasciitis survivor / South Africa

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