Experiences of necrotizing fasciitis – Wayne’s story

//Experiences of necrotizing fasciitis – Wayne’s story

Hi my name is Wayne and I was 32 at the time of my terrible experience of necrotizing fasciitis.

Predisposing factor Strep A throat.  3rd March 2011.

Admitted to hospital that day as my condition had dramatically worsened. By the 5th March I had been placed on a ventilator. 6th March Feeling very frustrated and I cannot communicate even by writing on paper. 15:15 had debridement surgery to both arms and some muscle removed on my right arm.  This was serious how on earth can a sore throat develop into a life threatening illness.  More surgery at 18:30. The doctor’s inform my family that they can not offer any re-assurance as the next 24 hours are critical between life and death.

By now my right leg is very swollen and red and I was taken down for 4 1/2 hours of surgery again on 7th March. Further debridement in both arms right leg and foot. 8th March my family informed that necrotising fasciitis is not following a normal pattern (how can all this be normal))?. So my situation is an hour by hour curfew. Even though I was still unconscious on the 9th March my foot was looking better. My temperature was extremely high and staff were placing cold towels on me to cool me down.

10th March further surgery

11th March  Still unconscious

12th March   Doctors have concerns that I am at risk of pneumonia and may need a tracheotomy. As now 9 days and still unconscious

13th March a further 3 hours of surgery and no more infected areas, wounds closed and applied skin grafts. Lift sedation and taken off life support. Removed ventilator at 16:00 hrs

17th March can now see more visitors

My wound recovery starts …what a very very tough journey this has been and is never to be underestimated how a sore throat can develop so quickly into a life threatening situation.

Sum up:

10 days in ITU

4 visits to theatre

3 weeks in hospital

4 months period off work.

Please see below the devastation of my necrotising fasciitis experience.

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