Father of four dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria

//Father of four dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria

A 50-year-old man who lost a quarter of his skin to flesh eating bacteria has died.

David Ireland, from Orlando in Florida, died on Thursday, according to an obituary published on Newcomer Orlando.

Mr Ireland was admitted to the emergency ward at a Florida hospital with “flu-like symptoms”, but his condition quickly deteriorated in August, according to a GoFundMe page.

His brother, Daniel, informed donors of the 50-year-old’s death.

“He fought very hard against this disease and all of us will miss him dearly,” Daniel wrote.

“He meant the world to all of us.”

According to his obituary, Mr Ireland was a massive contributor to his community.

“He was heavily involved with youth group and Sunday night kids club helping with games and Bible lessons,” the obituary read.

He was also a director of the Hiawassa Bible Chapel choir where he taught songs for Christmas 2018 and Easter 2019.

Mr Ireland lost a son named Jacob in 2009, and is survived by his four children and wife Jody Ireland.

Doctors diagnosed Mr Ireland with necrotising fasciitis, a rare life-threatening bacterial infection that can spread through the body rapidly.

Mr Ireland had three surgeries to remove 25 per cent of his skin. It left him in a critical condition.

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