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Amazing fundraising efforts from an nf sufferer

Dec 7, 2022 | Fundraising | 0 comments

We’d like to shine a spotlight on the wonderful fundraising efforts of very recent NF sufferer, Sylvia Halcrow.

Sylvia’s journey with necrotising fasciitis

Sylvia contracted NF in May this year (2022) after developing an abscess under her right breast. Sylvia suffered kidney failure as a result of her illness and was airlifted from her home in Shetland to Aberdeen.

Five months on and Sylvia had returned to work on a phased return and was fundraising for The Lee Spark NF Foundation. What a star!

We just had to find out more about Sylvia’s fundraising efforts, so we caught up with her to ask a few questions.

Here’s the interview

Tell us about the event Sylvia

I had two events in conjunction with the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group. I work for the Rural Payments & Inspections Directorate, a division in the Scottish Government, so this was an obvious place to go to try and raise awareness and some money for the Lee Spark NF foundation. I did an awareness of necrotising fasciitis presentation and took donations on the day. I was bowled over by the outcome. My target for day one was £1000 and I’d already made £905 by 3pm!

Wow, that’s such an amazing outcome. what made you decide to fundraise for The Lee Spark NF Foundation?

I decided to do something because I found the foundation so helpful when I first came home from the hospital. The medical professionals can get your body better, but its only once you’re home and in your own head space that you need someone to help get your head around what happened. Its an awful condition to endure and they so helped me get my head round what had happened.

That’s such great feedback for the charity, so good to know we could help in some way. How much did you raise in the end?

To date I’ve raised over £1800, although final tally to be given towards the middle of December.

Most of the donations were received on the day, both by cash, and also card payments, But a few payments have been made after the event.

I didn’t expect folk to be so generous and was overwhelmed by everyone’s willingness to donate.

That’s a brilliant result – you must be thrilled – we definitely are 😊

What was the biggest challenge you faced

I didn’t really face any challenges – just my own ability to stand there for a long period of time.

That must have been tough – we understand that recovery takes time and lots of self-care, so well done you for getting up there!

What was the most rewarding part of the event?

My most rewarding part of the day was folks’ delight at seeing me looking so well after they had heard how ill I had been.

That must have felt like a real pick me up 😊

Do you have any advice for other fundraisers out there?

Go for it!

Congratulations and thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we are so grateful. It’s only through donations that we can help people like yourself.

The end result for Sylvia

Since speaking to Sylvia we have found out that she raised a grand total of £1874.22. what a result! Thank you again Sylvia

Thinking of fundraising?

If you would like to fundraise on behalf of The Lee Spark Foundation, please email us on [email protected]. or check out our fundraising page for great ideas on how to raise money.

You can also donate to the Lee Spark NF Foundation directly through our Charities Aid Foundation page.

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