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Fundraising for Anita McIlvaney

Jul 29, 2019 | Awareness, Charity, Fundraising

We are fundraising for our beloved Anita.

Anita was tragically taken from us on 16th June 2019. Anita was so cheerful and positive, and most would say ‘high on life.’

Her day to day living was centred around supporting others be it family, friends, or those she helped through her work.

Anita was a tremendous support and a great friend to so many and will be hugely missed by all that were fortunate enough to have been in her life.

Image of Anita MciIvaney

Anita McIlvaney

We have set this page up to continue Anita’s efforts in helping and supporting others, and we appreciate all donations given.

If you’d like to make a donation you can do so here.

Although we are waiting for the final pathology results, it is highly likely it was necrotising (necrotizing) fasciitis (NF) that led to the unfortunate loss of Anita’s life.

The Lee Spark NF Foundation is focused on helping those whose lives are affected by NF.

Thank you sincerely from Anita’s Family xx

The Lee Spark NF Foundation

The mission of The Lee Spark Necrotising (necrotizing) Fasciitis (NF) Foundation is to help those whose lives have been affected by necrotising (necrotizing) fasciitis and other severe streptococcal infections and medical staff who are involved with investigating, diagnosing and treating NF.

Our aims are to:

  • support the families and those affected,
  • educate the medical profession and the general public,
  • promote recognition of the early signs and symptoms of necrotising fasciitis and severe streptococcal infection,
  • highlight the causes, effects, treatment and management of this horrific disease and
  • promote research into prevention and treatment.

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