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Laura’s bike ride from London to Paris

Jul 22, 2019 | Awareness, Fundraising

We are so proud to share that Laura Eaton will be cycling from London to Paris to raise money and awareness for us!

So, now that Laura finally has a bike(!), she has started training and is excited to share that along with Amy, she will be cycling to Paris!

This is a huge challenge, there are close to 300km to cover during just three days! But Laura is super excited to be raising money for us and she’s even more excited at the thought of the enjoying lots of wine and cheese and at the end to celebrate!

So why Laura doing this crazy challenge?

“Mum has now been gone for over three years. And yet I’m still in disbelief at how such a beautiful person’s life could just slip away so quickly, when she had textbook symptoms of what I now know is a curable disease, if caught early enough. Mum had necrotizing fasciitis (NF) – a severe infection involving the soft tissue under the skin, which can spread inches per hour. Unfortunately, Mum wasn’t lucky enough to have doctors who knew enough about NF to react in a way which could of potentially meant she was here today. But what Mum would want us to focus on is the now – focusing on spreading awareness of what NF is and potentially helping to avoid what happened to our family. That is exactly the spirit of the charity I am fundraising for, The Lee Spark NF Foundation.

Anything you are able to donate I would truly appreciate, and it will help me when I’m powering through the final 100 miles…”

You can sponsor Laura here.

A huge thank you to Laura and all of our amazing fundraisers! We are so grateful for your hard work and commitment.

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