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Fundraising for necrotising Fasciitis

Fundraising for necrotising fasciitis education and support is a vital part of any charity. We rely on donations to run our charity so every penny raised is gratefully received.

There are plenty of ways to help us to raise money, you can find out more here!

Donate through
The Charities Aid Foundation

Donate to us through The Charities Aid Commission. It’s simple, super secure and best of all we can claim Gift Aid on any donations.


From pub quizzes to running a marathon, plenty of events can helps charities like us raise money.

Celebrate with
an e-card

Save the environment and do some good at the same time. Lee Sparks NF Foundation have a profile with Save paper by sending an e-card and donating to the foundation.

Our blog

Top 5 Myths about Necrotising Fasciitis

Necrotising fasciitis is a serious condition, normally caused by a bacterial infection, that affects the soft tissue under the skin (also know as the fascia). It can be a life-threatening condition if not treated properly and promptly. Unfortunately, many people have...

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Buying a T-shirt can bring HOPE

Summer seems to be making a resurgence in the UK! After a slightly grey and miserable July, things seem to be brightening up again! We at The Lee Spark NF Foundation HQ are so happy! The sun makes such a difference to our health and mood, is the same true for you? To...

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