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By raising awareness of necrotizing fasciitis you can support The Lee Spark NF Foundation and help to save a life!

Have you ever wondered how you show your support and help to raise awareness for The Lee Spark Foundation?

We are proud to share that we have some official merchandise for sale if you would care to offer your support and help to raise awareness, all showing our charity details.

Why should I raise awareness of necrotizing fasciitis?

As well as raising awareness of necrotizing fasciitis (which as we know is very rare), to help save lives; we also know that the cost of chronic diseases extends beyond the direct costs of medical care:

  • Days lost off work and early retirements are major parts of indirect
  • In addition, it draws in time and effort of family, friends and work
  • there is an indirect effect on domestic, community and loss of work
    productivity beyond the patient

We also have our social media pages which you can follow to help us to raise awareness of necrotizing fasciitis:

Full range of merchandise

We have hoodies, t-shirts, pins and much more! You can see the full range here.

Raising awareness through education is so important and you can also do your part. By wearing our official products you will be helping to raise awareness!

Email us to place your order and help raise awareness of necrotizing fasciitis

Please email us here with your order details. We will aim to respond within a few days so you won’t be waiting long.

Many thanks, as always, for your continued support!

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