Raising Awareness via blog

//Raising Awareness via blog

Well this is new to me ..I must confess I am not top of the class in IT, but with help from my friends today I am up and running.

Raising Awareness of this terrible disease is my top priority ..on par to supporting survivors, bereaved, family and friends. Such an horrific infection that took my gorgeous son away ..Stephen Lee Spark. 23 years of age, so so sad. He died from having a tooth abscess that developed into the deadly (as the media like to name it) “flesh eating bug”all my relatives after fifteen years are still in shock. Just like all the families that I speak with.

I’ve got to shout it from the roof tops…well I’ve been trying my damnedest for fifteen years. Yes it has not been in vane and I have saved many lives.

Onwards and upwards…speak soon. 🙂

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