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The Lee Spark NF Foundation conducted a nationwide survey in Spring of 2016. We wanted to collate as much information as we could to understand more about NF. These questions were vital to ask in order to continue our project of raising awareness of necrotising fasciitis among lay people and to educate and work with all levels of medical staff.


In 48 hours 104 survivors replied. 72 of those said  that within 2-7 days prior to NF they had started to feel unwell.  32 replied 7-14 days.

In one hour 78 survivors had replied to the question What reported bacteria had developed into NF ?….44 strep A…4 had strepB….group C,G.F.MRSA and Ecoli one person in each.

Thinking about the time spent in hospital due to time delay in treatment. We asked the question. How long did you spend in HDU and or ICU ?. In one hour 92 survivors participated 7 ..less than 7 days. 31 …1 -2 weeks…..52 ..3 -12 weeks …2 ..13 – 26 weeks.   Informing us of the high cost to the survivors well being and dramatic financial costs to health care.

Necrotising Fasciitis is not a new disease and was first recorded in the medical journals in the 16th century. We wonder why we are still having to raise the profile after all these years?

We found the answers to this survey quite concerning and we will use the findings appropriately to help raise awareness of this devastating disease that has affected so many survivors/ bereaved and their families.

The findings also highlighted that when not diagnosed quickly a huge financial drain is placed upon the NHS and Private Health Insurance in other countries (if the survivor has health insurance in place). HCAI (Health Care Acquired Infections) are costing the NHS as estimate of £1 billion pounds per year.

It is important that ‘Engaging and involving patients in sustaining progress’ must be continued for future improvements. Using root cause analysis to investigate and learn from serious incidents.

With the help of survivors, bereaved, relatives and their friends we hope that lives will be saved by raising awareness together.

Thank you all for participating in this survey. Your help is invaluable to the charity and all clinicians.

Doreen Cartledge Founder of The Lee Spark NF Foundation Registered charity number: 1088094