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What is Smile Amazon?

Everyone loves the convenience of shopping online and Amazon is at the forefront of the online shopping revolution. Now you can shop online and donate through Amazon Smile at the same time – it’s so simple!

Did you know when shopping through Smile Amazon you can request a donation to your favourite charity? Shopping at Smile Amazon is no different to regular Amazon, but they donate to a charity of your choice with every purchase! Once you have selected your charity, the rest of the experience is exactly the same.

If you shop on Smile Amazon we can receive 0.05% commission every time you make a purchase … yes I know it is a small amount…but small amounts soon add up!

So far in 2021, we have received over £80 from Smile Amazon!

How to donate through Smile Amazon

The Smile Amazon site will ask you to choose which charity to support once you start to pay for your goods and it would be fab if you chose The Lee Spark Foundation – simply add Lee Spark into the search box and you’ll find the charity (the site gives you lots of great options to choose from, but if we’re not there straight away then make sure you search for us – we’re in there somewhere).

Image of Smile Amazon logo

Smile Amazon logo

How will donating through Smile Amazon help?

Every bit of fundraising goes towards helping survivors and the families of the bereaved of necrotising fasciitis, so be assured that even a few pounds go a long way.

To date Amazon have raised a total of nearly £2 million across all charities – thank you all you lovely shoppers that have chosen Smile Amazon to shop!

How else can you help?

If want to find out more about how to raise money for The Lee Spark NF Foundation then please check out our Fundraising page.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support!

The Lee Spark NF Foundation

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