Survivors and Their work with The Lee Spark NF Foundation…

//Survivors and Their work with The Lee Spark NF Foundation…
Looking Fab with the Educational Dvd's and USB Pens

Looking Fab with the Educational Dvd’s and USB Pens


Well our lovely Elaine McCulloch Ambassador for Scotland attended The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Seminar to give a talk about The Lee Spark NF Foundation and what it means to her.
The following is an account of her day:
0645 – Left Home for our journey to Edinburgh
0910 – Arrived at Edinburgh College of Surgeons for SPSP HAI 2016 conference 0930 – registration & morning coffee
1000 – opening remarks
1010 – Diane Murray – WHY?
1040 – Elaine McCulloch – Surviving Necrotising Fasciitis
1120 – PVC’s
1220 – 1320 Lunch
1320-1420 meeting everyone at the conference, talking through my presentation, distributing DVD’s (40) & USB’s (120)
1430 – Heading for home
1600 – Home and reflecting on a very successful day.
I gave a lengthy 20 minute talk on the aims, goals of The Lee Spark Foundation and why the charity was started by Doreen Marsden, I also spoke about the costs to the NHS of hospital infections and our survey results from 2011. I then went into extreme detail of my personal story, journey with NF and what it meant not only to the survivor but to the extended friends, family and how I need continuous healthcare and medication to function daily. I shared my graphic photographs and spoke in detail how early diagnoses is the most important factor but would happen if sever symptoms occurred. I shared in depth my personal life and struggles that effected me in the aftermath of NF and how I have changed my life around and how doing what I do for The Lee Spark Foundation means a great deal to me personally, and my goal is to ultimately make people, stop, think and save a life.
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