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We aim to write short and interesting stories, news updates and cover most subjects relating to necrotising fasciitis and support that we think would be of interest to you.

Bereavement during COVID-19

Bereavement during normal times is heartbreaking and can be extremely hard to comes to terms with. Bereavement during COVID-19 has been even harder. As you are aware these times, almost one year ago we all have tried our very best to remain positive . Hanging on to...

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Meet the Team – Our Patron, Alex Lewis!

Alex Lewis Patron I’m delighted to have been invited by Doreen to become a Patron of The Lee Spark NF Foundation Doreen and I first crossed paths around 6 years ago when I had just been released from my seven months in hospital and I had arrived home as a triple...

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Support with anxieties or PTSD

A reminder that we offer support for those struggling with anxieties or PTSD. Our survivor Becky is on-hand to offer one-on-one support if you find yourself having mental health issues after contracting necrotizing fasciitis. Many survivors find the mental recovery is...

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Sending our love and compassion

Our post today and indeed our thoughts are about love and compassion. Love and compassion for all the bereaved, this sad uncomfortable time is planted in every individuals life’s journey. COVID-19 has affected many families. Those lives lost have drained those...

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Seasons Greetings!

Seasons greetings from all of us here at The Lee Spark NF Foundation. We wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous 2021! We also wanted to say a huge 'Thank You!' for all of your support, through fundraising, donations and raising awareness. Even...

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The Lee Spark NF Foundation & Medical Research

One of the aims of The Lee Spark Necrotising Fasciitis (NF) Foundation is to help the medical profession gain a better understanding of how NF develops, how it can be identified early, and how it can be treated. We were selected to be part of a five year EU programme...

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Another day, another Streptococcus working party!

We were excited yesterday to take part in the latest Group A Streptococcus working party. Working alongside the fantastic Marina Morgan and the Healthcare Infection Society, we were proud to represent our survivors and families of the bereaved of NF. Our place on the...

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